Artificial Intelligences - Detail

Kalliope 7.3

Kalliope 7.3 (0)
General Appearance
Gender: 5
Description of Gender Manifestation: names herself "e-poetin", is described as "androidin"
Physical Appearance: 4
Difference to Humans: mind
Technical Appearance: 1
AI Capability
Level of Consciousness: 4
Level of Intelligence: 4
Free Will: True
Learning Ability: True
Emotional Ability: True
Relationship to Humans
Integration: 2
Build on Purpose: True
Intensity of Relation to Creator: 1
Intensity of Relation to Owner: 1
Female Creator: False
Society positive towards AI: 1
Perceived as Subject: 1
Perceived as Servant: 1
Intimacy: 1
Characteristics in the Story
Story told by: 3
Quantity: 3
Build / Used as Warrior: False
Rebellious: True
Has harmed Humans of its own Accord: False
Has harmed its Creator: False
Wants more Control: False
Aims at World Domination: False
Is Alien Technology: False
Gender is mentioned explicitly in Story: False